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Sunday, April 12, 2009

♥ Q&A: Moaning

I'm sittng here thinking and the question I ask my self is.....
Do you men like it when women moan/scream during sex?
And also 
Do women like when men moan?
So I asked a couple of my friends and this is what I got......
Neshia (me): I actually love when a man moan...Makes me cum faster and turns me on.
Ced: My last chick likes my manly moan. And I love it when a chicks moans, screams, whatever. As long as she making some type action or whatever. I like agressiveness, so tha louder the better.
Chris: It depends on how their moans sound like.
 Monty: I like when a girl screams, but not to loud then it gets annoying and that shit turns off
Eric:I love it when women moan ... lets you know they're into it (unless they're faking). screams esp. ... cuz its hard to fake a good scream.
Jae: It lets me know im on it right...especially if she gotta sexy moan. turns me on more
Bryant: I mean its ok.....and thats If its really From Pleasure..and not just to stroke my ego...It does nothing for me sexually tho...but if its sincere....it ensures me i might be beating it up
Brandon:  I like it cuz it motivates me and lets me know im knocking the bottom out tha thang.
Darius: yeah i think its sexy when a girl moan in my ear..and when she call me daddy and tell me she want more and to go deep..shit just sends me over the edge.
Erin: Depends on how they moan
I'll add more later..

Am i really never good enough for you?
Sunday, April 12, 2009
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oral Sex...Head...Dome...Knowledge..Tongue Work..
Whatever you might know it as.....
Random facts

1. While having oral sex....use your hands.....just becuz its called oral sex doesnt mean u can only use your tongue and lips..add a finger or too so that u can stimulate the gspot.
2.Using the soft underside of your lips to rub her clit gives a softer sensation. Try gently sucking the clit between your lips, 'French kissing' her pussy, softly blowing across her clit (but never up the pussy shit can be dangerous) or softly pulling her pubic hair to part her lips and give a pain/pleasure thrill if she's into that kind of thing.
3.If you look like you hate it, she'll be able to tell. It can be an acquired taste but so are many things in life, including lager! If she's not clean enough, start by having a sexy shower together. If your tongue gets tired, to be blunt, deal with it. Blow jobs take effort too and you probably wouldn't want her to stop giving them.
4.Far too many porn movies show the stock 'man putting his head between a woman's legs and shaking his head from side to side.' It looks stupid and gives very little sensation. So yeah...DONT
5.Some men put their hands on the back of your head when you're performing. It makes it far harder for you to stay in control and keep things comfortable, so ask him beforehand or indicate that you don't want him to do it.
6.Listen to his moans to see what he likes best. Lots of men like their frenulum - the 'stringy bit' under the head of their dick- to be teased or flicked with a tongue. Some men like having their balls played with, so you can put your other hand to good use toying with his balls - gently - at the same time as sucking him and masturbating his shaft.
7.If you'd like to try to 'deep throat' your partner, learn how to control your gag reflex. Tense your mouth, flare your nostrils and you'll feel it rise. This gives more space for his dick to slide down. The more space your throat has got, the better, so it's far easier to do with your neck straight that bent - him leaning over you while you pull him towards your face, rather than vice versa.
8.Bear in mind that there are some men who are just too big to deep throat. If this is the case, give him a similar sensation by lubricating your hand and then masturbating him with it while you push the head of his penis into your cheek. Most men can't tell the difference in the heat of the moment.

Yes..I'm quite bored..

Am i really never good enough for you?
Thursday, March 26, 2009
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

♥ Chocolate Cover CEDDY

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


My fav.Buddy Wuddy
Cedric <3

He's the only Chocolate man that I can see tats..
And the only one that looks hella good with STARS!
My jesus!
Ya cant trust darkies!
but you can trust CEDDY

Am i really never good enough for you?
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

♥ Foreplay

I'm sitting in my bedroom bored as shit talkin to my Bitch ERIN (w00t) anyway I had this thought about do people REALLYY know what foreplay is really about?
So knowing me..I decided to speak on it...It might be long but shit bare with me on this....And like I say in my other blogs..If you don't agree on something than thats on you..Make your own shit..I'm going by what I think or know.. with that sayin..here we go...
Foreplay is focusing on helping your girlfriend/wife/fuck buddy come to sexual arousal.
You do not RUSH while doing foreplay, I feel that it should be atleast 20-30mins long while doing it...
Foreplay will bring great benefits to you and your girl/wife/fuck buddy's sexual relationship...Its a great orgasm experience for both you and her..And it focus on what SHE sexual needs...
You should..
move your hands from the top of her body all the way down until they reach between her legs
use lubricant to begin stroking her pussy and clit
gently massage her pussy lips
Make sure you pay attention to her body language to see if shes liking it more ..
reach for her breast...also ask her what feels good to her..
kiss her passionately all over her body
stimulate her clitoris and/or G-spot until she lets you know she’s ready for intercourse or ready to orgasm
don’t forget to keep talking to her; tell her how much you enjoy her body
Okay I'm pretty much down for right now...

Am i really never good enough for you?
Thursday, January 29, 2009
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♥ Semen/Cum

Hello folks!!
It's 8:30 am I havent been sleep at all yet and I got some questions on
"How to make your semen taste sweet"
So I did some research that I'm going to post and all that good shit..
Mainly because I know for me...I dont want to taste no salty ass dick.
I would rather have the shit somewhat sweet...
Anyway..here is the list I found or whatever you call it...
Water (important) - lots of water every day to flush toxins from your body
Pineapple - pineapples (and juice) makes semen much sweeter tasting
Celery - helps reduce bitterness of semen sometimes
Fruit - mostly melons, fruit seems to make semen taste sweet
Cinnamon - can help mask odd semen tastes
Vegetarians have reputations for having better tasting semen than meat eating males. This is not only due to the extra fruits and healthy foods that vegetarians eat, but also what they don't eat.
Foods that will make your semen taste bitter include:
Coffee -acidic
Foods that will make your semen taste salty include:
Red meats
Dairy Foods..
Okay..Now I know some of yall probably saying I need to help the ladies out too on some shit since mostly I have shit going to men..but like seriously..
If you actually think about it..I am helping they asses out by providing this shit to men so they wont have to go thru swallowing SALTY ass CUM right? Hell yeah I'm right..

Am i really never good enough for you?
Thursday, January 29, 2009
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

♥ Jumpoff Hoes

Hello folks..
So its damn near 6am in the morning..I gotta be at school in like two damn hrs and I havent been sleep yet!
I been sitting here thinking about random things that i'm just about to discuss...
You aint gotta read shit nor comment on the shit...
But yeah...
I wish you hoes (male and female) would realize what a FUCK buddy actually is..And a damn JUMPOFF
FUCK BUDDIES can basically catch feelings for each other...but yet they know for a fact "right now we fucking aint on no relationship type shit"
A jump off is basically a bitch/nigga that got feelings for the male/female...thinking they the main person ..and the other person basically sayin I just wanna fuck..
But yeah....
I know this ole triflin hoe that dont think her ass is a jumpoff..
for one...If the nigga steady taking your ass to a HOTEL/MOTEL everytime you meet..BITCH he aint being friendly..caring...he doing the shit because he dont wanna take ya ass to his house so u know where he lives..
Hell he probably got a family..Shit aint working out with the wifey and you easy pussy.. Dont think ya ass is special bitch you a JUMPOFF
If he never brings ya triflin ass around his friends/family basically motherfuckas he care about..babygirl! YOU ARE A JUMPOFF..hell even the fuck buddy met the friends/family what the fuck?
If the he tells ya ass on the daily, "dont call me,I call you" bitch he doesnt want ya ass calling because the nigga probably got another family on the side and YOU ARE STILL A JUMPOFF..
If he only calls ya trifling dumb ass AT NIGHT or every other month some shit like that...you know what the fuck you are..A JUMPOFF he aint thinking about ya ass foreal...
If the nigga dont wanna talk about no kinda of "feelings" ya ass have... Yes..you are a dumb ass bitch for thinking you his main chick and to think ya ass is even important enough to be his main chick in the first place... lmao and you a JUMPOFF!
Thats how I feel about the shit..
Know your role sweety!!
Oh yeahh!!
I was cursing alot in this blog..
I truely dont give a FUCK about what you gotta say about it either
better Kiss my ass and get Glad bitch! :)

Am i really never good enough for you?
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

♥ sex facts for men!

Just some advice for the MEN....
1.Stop being so damn stingy..tryna get head but dont wanna give.
I always say..Before ya dick meet "Gushy.Bella" ya Tongue gotta meet first.
2. Use things while licking the pussy..such as Ice cubes, Peppermints, Jolly Ranchers shit like that
3. DO NOT..I REPEAT DO NOT finger the pussy to hard or to fast.. Fuck around and have the bitch on her period 234 times in one month..
4.DO NOT..SPIT ON THE DAMN PUSSY! Some bitches like that shit but I'm kinda speaking for myself here.. Dont spit no fat one on "Gushy.Bella" you will die!
5. NO talking to the pussy nigga.. incase you didnt know.. IT CANT FUCKIN TALK BACK!
6. If you gonna do a quickie...It is REQUIRED to be atleast 30mins long..I know most yall think a quickie is for ONE persons to NUT ugh hell no!
7. Make sure you know what a female want and LIKE before hand.
8. There is nothing wrong with licking a females ass (as long as she clean such as just getting out the shower) if you dont wanna lick it..atleast finger the shit..(which feels quite lovely I might add)
9. While licking the pussy..to make it alil more interesting..try spelling your name, or saying the abc's..HELL LEARN THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.. I know some yall be on Yahoo Messenger..Have a damn convo with the pussy (lol)
10. If ya dick starts to get hard within the first 5 mins of you lickin the pussy...DO NOT TRY TO GET UP AND STICK YA DICK IN no no no! Ask the chick to do 69 or somethin..it would look sooo bad.. if ya ass nut before her and be knocked out..
11. Try bondage :D its GRAND and ya chick will like it..Hell we all know yall negros dont wanna get tired up or blindfold. but if ya girl let you...then my nigga BLINDFOLD HER ASS..SPANK HER ALL THAT GOODIE GOODIE
12. If you wanna test ya girl out before you lick her or some shit..
Finger her pussy with ONE finger..put ya finger up to her mouth have her thinking its a WHOLE nother finger...Slide the finger you fingered her with in her mouth..
If the chick..makes a nasty looking face...THATS THE WRONG PUSSY TO EAT!
I shall return with the facts for the women

Am i really never good enough for you?
Tuesday, January 27, 2009
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